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The Old Appliance Communiqué - Welcome to Our

'Kitchen-In-The-Sky' ©


Hey there kitchen rangers! So glad you could drop by and visit us down here in the kitchen. I have a cuppa for you waiting on the stove and some iced tea chilling inside the Monitor Top fridge in the corner. Help yourself. While you're at it, grab one of our old creaky chairs and park the old rump roast for a spell. This meetin' has come to order.


You know, it seems like everything in life today is based on speed. Rush here, rush there, hurry, hurry, hurry…there just never seems to be enough 'kick back' time to just hang out and absorb life the old fashioned way -- one bite at a time. When I was growing up it seemed like there was plenty of time for everything. People actually knew their neighbors personally and could drop by and pay a visit without the need to 'schedule' it in. Most of the time the chats were never about anything monumental, but somehow as you walked back home, you felt just a little bit richer inside your soul.

Say, do you remember when garages were used to work on fun and interesting projects instead of just storing boxes? Folks could barely wait for the weekend to work on their latest brainstorm. It almost seems that a lifestyle like that can only be found in a history book. But is that really true? Sometime you need to go full circle to understand what really counts in life. Like the old Al Jolson song goes, "You'll find your happiness lies, right under your eyes, back in your own backyard."


With great thanks to a physical injury (that nearly killed me) I was plucked off the fast track. Although I didn't know it at the time, my entire future became a U-turn back to the past - back to the good old days, just the way I remembered them when I was growing up. By having to slow down a bit, I was now able to see, hear and understand more than ever before. As I started to slowly regain my health, I began to cross paths with people that made it their business to deliberately avoid the highways in life to experience the beauty of traveling down byways instead. Like a reversible vest, I found out there is more than one way to wear your life. That change of direction over thirty years ago made all the difference in the world to me. Some may call it 'life in the slow lane', but let me assure you it has never been boring.


A 'by-chance' interest in restoring just one old stove and refrigerator, for our own kitchen, gradually blossomed into one of the first classic stove and refrigerator restoration companies in the USA. Being genuinely excited about something can change your whole outlook on life. It sure did mine. You'll know when it happens - 'cause your mind starts to snap mental pictures like a camera. Click, click, click until finally - BOOM - the best shot appears and you are on your merry way!


As the years went on, our outfit expanded. Then something completely unexpected happened. Our customers began requesting an organization be formed where all old appliance owners could connect with each other. There was also a need for a publication where folks could buy or sell classic appliances or locate parts, services and information. Since there wasn't a group nor a publication that dealt with both old stoves and appliances we decided to give it a whirl and create one. (Let me tell you folks, we couldn't have been greener than a Granny Smith apple at it!)


Enter > The Old Appliance Club Word spread rapidly after we published a tiny half-page newsletter for the group in late 1994. Because there was no choice, I had to learn how to use a computer and how not to use every cuss word known to mankind swearing at the doggone thing. (The 'puter didn't respond quite like my trusty old 1921 non-electric Underwood typewriter!)


Today, after operating TOAC and publishing the The Old Road Home vintage appliance magazine for almost a decade, the entire credit for its success goes directly to everyone that asked for and helped to support TOAC. The interest in antique American appliances and stoves has never been greater.


The Old Road Home is now a 40-page publication free to all members of TOAC at this link - In each issue one can find all types of old appliance services, parts, information, members stories and pictures, historical archive information and pictures, classified ads and old time fun!

We have jammed as many benefits as we could into a membership so you can get personal assistance or referrals from not one, but a variety of sources to get your old appliance project up and running fast.
You may want to take a peek at our past issue index for specific appliance needs. (Your favorite old appliance might have already been published in a past issue TORH.) Here is the link  All back issues are currently available at this time.


(If you are visiting Washington, DC, and have the opportunity to visit the Smithsonian, every issue of The Old Road Home is archived and available for viewing. If you would like your local historical organization to join the roster of museums or libraries that carry our publication, please have them e-mail their request to  We can instruct them how receive The Old Road Home on a regular basis.)


The Old Appliance Communiqué is born - Over the course of each year we talk to the most fascinating people and receive cases of mail about their interest in classic appliances. There was no doubt that their stories and questions had to be shared with the largest amount of old appliance lovers as possible. To do this we decided to add another type of publication. Different than TORH, and sent by e-mail, it acts as an in-between newsletter or 'tweener'.  We call it - The Old Appliance Communiqué.


Since we commenced publishing, here's a peek from our pals across the miles…


"I was so lucky to hear about The Old Appliance Club and the Communiqué on radio today. There were two tips for both my 50s stove and fridge that saved me over $300.00. Whew! This is great stuff.

M. Sands

Chicago, IL


Hello from Canada!

"First let me say that I love your site, and look forward to getting your
emails!!! I'm a big fan of yours here in rural Ontario." Thank you so much,



"I was not able to find replacement glass for 1950s stove door. The old glass looked just awful as it was badly scratched. Once I read in your publication where to go and what to ask for I was able to easily do the job myself at a cost of just $12.00! You provide a remarkable service."

E. Perez

New York


"I enjoy your newsletter so much…Thanking you so much for your great coffee, warmth and knowledge."

S. Killen

Lindsay, CA


There is not anything that I enjoy reading more than The Old Appliance Communiqué. What a GREAT newsletter you e-mail. I keep it for a while and go back and read it many times… Keep up the great work and Godspeed.    

 B.E. Tobin,

Bulverde, TX


Hi Jack, just a quick note to say how much I really enjoy your communiqué, not just the info, but the informal banter is delightful reading.  Since Alaska is so young, we don't have all the vintage appliances the lower 48 has, so I learn so much from your efforts. Thanks,

J. Hatfield


"Thank you so very much for the outstanding newsletter you produce on internet. It is not only extremely informative but a great joy to read. People like you are the true 'gems' of society." Sincerely,


(from the Internet)


The Old Appliance Communiqué is our 'Kitchen-In-The-Sky' ©. It's a great place to visit, pick up some tips and maybe even hear a joke or two that will make half the hair slide off your head. (In fact, some of you guys sitting in the back there look like you might have heard them already.)


You Are Invited - At least once a month we all gather together right down here in the kitchen for an old time friendly get-together. Come as you are - dress codes are out the window.
Grab a chair and have a cuppa with us and hear what's been going on across the miles. Enjoy the new old appliance products, services and parts links that are listed near the end of each issue.


Whether you consider yourself a 'can do' Do-It-Yourself person or would rather turn the wrench over to an 'old hand' at it, we chart out both sides so you can decide for yourself which fit is best for you.


We'll let you know what your fellow kitchen rangers have been up to. That's important. And if you are working on restoring an old appliance, we invite you to enjoy, use, and share self-help tips and common sense seat of the pants knowledge. What one doesn't know, someone else usually does. This is how we all learn and help to pass things on to the next new old appliance owner who needs assistance. It's good for all, saves time and money and keeps the excitement and spirit going. If you have a sure-fire tip or an interesting story that you would like to share, please send it along to


You can receive the next edition of The Old Appliance Communiqué in your e-mail just by clicking here...



Oh, and by the way, please keep your money in your pocket…
The Old Appliance Communiqué is strictly 'on the house'!

Watch your mailbox - like a turnip, it'll turn up before you know it!

We'll save a seat for you down in the kitchen!


Sempre Avanti


Jack Santoro
Founder of The Old Appliance Club
Editor of:
The Old Road Home vintage appliance magazine at 
and The Old Appliance Communiqué delivered fresh by email.


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